scribd-logoScribd bills itself as a “personal digital library” and provides both a premium monthly subscription plan (with access to over 400,000 books) and free access to user uploaded content.  Many Commons members take advantage of the free upload and storage Scribd offers, and embed PDF content such as CVs, research, syllabi, or the first couple chapters of a book directly into their WordPress sites.

The WordPress embed code that Scribd provides only works for users of or members of the Commons who activate the JetPack plugin.

It is easier to a built-in shortcode that is active on all Commons WordPress sites.  You’ll need two parameters: doc and key.  These are readily found in the WordPress embed code that Scridb provides.

Here is an example of the Common’s Scribd shortcode.  Simply type it on a new line of a WordPress post or page with your doc and key.  Or simpler still, just make a slight modification to the Scribd embed code (described further, below).


How do I Find the Parameter Needed in the Shortcode?

Each item on Scribd has embed information.  It is sometimes a little hard to find.  Here are some screenshots to guide in the process.

  • First, look for the “Share” icon at the top right.  Click it to get a dropdown of ways to share the item.  Select “Embed.”

scribd embed1

  • Then you will see screen that lets you configure the way your content will appear on a page (i.e. size, links, recommendations).  But most importantly, you need to click on the link “WordPress” (highlighted below, in red).
  • scribd embed twoOnce you click on the WordPress link, you will have all the information you need.  This is a screenshot of what Scribd Provides:

scribd embed 3

(Once again, this embed code only works on sites or sites that have JetPack plugin activated.)

Just Add Four Characters and You’re Good to Go!

On the Commons, all you need to do is copy the embed code and add “-doc” after “[scribd” – that is, just change  “[scrib id=….” to “[scrib-doc id=….” and you are good to go.  It will embed into your Commons WordPress post or page.




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