Go to Dashboard >> Tools >> Delete Site

You will be warned:

If you do not want to use your CUNY Academic Commons site any more, you can delete it using the form below. When you click Delete My Site Permanently you will be sent an email with a link in it. Click on this link to delete your site.

Remember, once deleted your site cannot be restored.


After you click, you’ll see this message:

Thank you. Please check your email for a link to confirm your action. Your site will not be deleted until this link is clicked.


The email will look like this:

Howdy user,

You recently clicked the ‘Delete Site’ link on your site and filled in a form on that page.

If you really want to delete your site, click the link below. You will not be asked to confirm again so only click this link if you are absolutely certain:

Thanks for using the CUNY Academic Commons.



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