Whether it be an important document, power point presentation, or spreadsheet, the “Files” tab allows members to easily share resources with other members of their group. Place your file in one or more folder to easily organize minutes, syllabi, or whatever you upload. All members of a group have the ability to add files and folder, members who upload the file can edit or delete it, and group admins have the ability to edit or delete both files and folders.

Silent Upload

By default, everyone in a group is notified by email when another member uploads a file.  Members can turn off file upload notifications globally – but now members can avoid swamping colleagues’ inboxes by using the new  “silent upload” feature.

This is especially useful when uploading a large number of files, or when making small edits to existing files, and re-uploading them.

Uploading Files to Your Group

  • Log into the the Commons and go to your Group page
  • Click on Files (highlighted, above right)
  • Click Browse and locate the file on your computer that you want to upload
  • Provide a display name
  • Describe your file.  This text will be displayed in the group file list.
  • (Optionally) click on the “Silent Upload” checkbox.

Using Folders

If you have many files, you may organize them in folders. One file can be displayed in more than one folder. To add a file to a folder or folders, check the folder(s) it should be associated with and click “Add.” You can add or remove files from folders by clicking the “edit” hyperlink.

If you added a folder by mistake, or don’t need the folder anymore, you can delete it. Deleting a folder will not delete its underlying files.

The File Upload Process

The following video shows how the file upload process works. Follow the instructions from this short video to learn how to use files on the CUNY Academic Commons:

*We recommend changing the video quality to  720p and watching in Full screen.