By default, the most recent discussion topic is displayed in the discussion forum.  Group Admins can override this, and make important topics display first.  This is especially useful if you are using the Commons to teach a class.  You may want to post important contact information and class links in one post, and make it easy for your students to find, and comment on if they need help.    When an admin posts a new topic, topic type is enabled.  Click on the drop-down and select “sticky” to keep the topic at the top.

Under Topic Type, choose Sticky if you’d like your announcement to stay at the top of the forum topics.

If you want your group to be able to reply to your announcement within the forum, leave the Topic Status as Open.

Clicking the “Send an email” box  ensures that your group members will receive the email right away, even if they have set their preference to daily, weekly, or none.


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