Managing Your Invitations

Once you have invited people to join groups and sites, how can you track the status of these invitations?  The Commons provides a convenient “Invites” screen that tells you whether your invitations are Pending (i.e. no response yet from the invitee) or Accepted.

It is also the place to go when an invitation is sent to you.

There are four ways to access the Invitation Manager:

  • hover over your avatar and select “My Invites” from the  drop down
  • go the your Commons Profile and choose “My Invites” in the sidebar
  • if you get an invitation (you’ll notice a tiny green button next to your avatar) and that notification is an invitation – click on the hyperlink
  • in Step Four of the invitation process, click on Manage Invites

In all four cases, you will be taken to the screen shown below:

As you see, there are three tabs:

  • Invitations Received – here you can accept (or reject) an invitation from someone else
  • Invitations Sent – here you can verify that your invitations have been sent and see the status – either “Pending” or “Accepted”
  • Claim an Invitation – if you received an invitation at an email email address not associated with your Commons account,  paste your “claim key” in the text box: