The member search interface includes three attribute-based filters – College, Role, and Academic Interests. These filters allow you to narrow your member search based on selected attributes, improving results.

To try out the new member directory filters, select ‘People’ from the Commons home page. On the ‘Member Directory’ page you will see a column of ‘Filters’ below the main search field.

College Filters

Filter by College – By default eight colleges are visible in the list. Click ‘More’ to display all colleges.

Clicking on the check box by a college displays only members from that college, filtering out all others. You can select or deselect multiple colleges to filter.

Click ‘Clear’ to remove all filters by college.

Role Filters

Filter by Role – There are seven roles by which you can filter search. Similar to filter by college, you can select or deselect multiple roles to filter.

Click ‘Clear’ to remove all filters by role.

Academic Interest Filters

Filter by Academic Interest – Term(s) searched scan the academic profile field of all members of the Commons.

Type a term and enter. The term appears in a box below the search field. The list of members is now reduced to those that have included this term in their profile. You may enter additional terms and add them to your filter.

Remove a term from the filter by clicking the ‘x’ to the left of the term. Click ‘Clear’ to remove all academic interest terms filtered.

Clearing Filters

Clear All Filters – Filters selected across attributes act together to narrow the resulting list of Commons members displayed. To remove all filters from your search click ‘Clear All’ at the top of the filter list.

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