postToPdfThe WP Post to PDF plugin lets your readers download your page or post content to a PDF.  You can control if this function should be available to everyone, or just to logged in users.  Installation is a snap.  The plugin adds an entry to your admin dashboard “Settings” called postpdf1“WP Post to PDF.”  Here you can configure the plugin to your liking.  You can determine what pages and posts you want the PDF export icon to appear, and how it should look like.  You can exclude pages and posts, and determine how to display author information.

The plugin has a default logo that is easily changed on a single site installation, but which is problematic to configure on the Commons.  Follow this post to see if there is a resolution, or stay tuned.  Maybe we can globally replace it with the Commons Logo, or simply not display it.replaceLogoWhen installed, your page or post will look something like the screenshot below.  Just click on the icon to download a PDF version.
pdf samp

And the downloaded PDF will look like this, depending on how your configure your layout:
sample pdf

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