filesMembers of a group on the Commons can share files – documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints, images, etc.

It’s a great way collaborate with other  members.  By default, everyone in the group is notified by email upon upload.  Members can set upload notifications off globally – but more likely, they’ll respective your ability to “silently upload.”  members of your group may not want to be notified by email every time you upload (or re-upload) a file. An enhancement made in the Commons 1.5 release lets you silently upload.

Uploading Files to Your Group

It’s pretty basic:

  • Click on Files (highlighted, on the right)
  • Click Browse and locate the file on your computer that you want to upload
  • Provide a display name
  • (Optionally) click on a folder name where your file will be found.  (Click on create new folder if you want to create a new folder for your uploads.)
  • Describe your file.  This text will be displayed in the group file list.
  • (Optionally) click on the “Silent Upload” checkbox, circled in red, below:


Silent upload turns off email notification.  If you check this option, no one in your group will be notified about your upload.

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