Members can set up easy-to-remember, short URLs that link to their profiles, sites, groups, docs, or posts.  Once set up, the URLs all begin with ““.

Member Profile Quick Link

short URL 2 Quick Links for Commons Profiles are initially populated with members’ usernames.  However, members can edit their profile and use the dialog displayed on the right to change the quick link to something else, as long as it is not already taken.

Group Quick Links

Similarly, group admins can set up quick links for their groups.  Once logged into the Commons, go to your group and click on the “Manage” tab.  You will see that your quick link defaults to “group-groupName”.  Just change and save.

Group quick links are displayed on the group home page.  Let your members know how easy it is to just type in “” and post a topic, add a comment, or check for new activity.

Other Ways You Might Use Quick Links


To set up one of these types of CUNY.IS quick links, please write to us at