[Music] [Music] welcome to ready get set a series of five short videos designed to give black and racialized youth and their families a better understanding of the justice system and how to navigate it this video is how community supports can change your outcomes delta family visor center consists of youth justice workers reintegration workers and also family counselors the roles are supported in black and also racialized youth and their families the team at delta is passionate about helping the youth and the families working by identifying each of their individual needs community supports can make a difference in your outcomes with court they can help improve your outcomes by providing many specific supports that will show the judge that you are serious about changing your path community supports can provide you with the support letters which you can show to your lawyer as evidence that there are agencies and people who will vouch for you they can provide free programs which demonstrate your personal commitment to changing your behavior youth justice workers can refer you to the relevant services servers i mentor on your journey and be an important confidential non-judgmental person you can talk to about your situation they can explain and guide you through the justice process tell you some of your options and support you and your family during this time they can provide free counseling and other supports for you and your family’s well-being as you go through this process some community agencies can also assist your family by providing short-term relief in terms of access to food and gift cards other agencies include urban rest solutions for youth initiative think twice somali women and children network and also peace builders they provide support to youth by working closely with the family resource center i’m chelsea from albia neighborhood services ans and i’m the youth balance prevention coordinator there we are really excited about our new partnership with the eu justice centers as we’ll be able to provide wraparound services to both the youth and their families who are experiencing core issues or legal matters through this partnership we will be able to provide satellite support for those who don’t have access to the physical court space or technology they’ll be able to do it right here at the hub the northwest justice center understands that community supports are an integral part in assisting residents with navigating the justice system ultimately the goal is to reduce charges and provide a system that supports youth and families in navigating these processes luminous a community agency that is very visible in the courts assists youth and families to navigate and link to community support that are culturally relevant wrap around services to support them with their needs colvin makes internet access critical and we know that lots of families have been having challenges making appearances for court due to this issue there are two locations which youth and families can go to access virtual court supports luminous located at their finch west location as well as alvia neighborhood services which is located at the rexdale hub youth and families can go to one of the two hubs and access internet for court appearances find out information about their court case and get supports from youth justice workers and those assistants he partners in this northwest justice initiative include delta family the justice center satellite locations city of toronto justice for children and youth legal aid ontario and mental health and social work services community supports can make a big difference when you’re in court so please make sure to check out all these valuable resources this series has been developed by delta family with support from the ministry of the attorney general and partners delta family provides culturally relevant free youth justice and counseling services to black youth and families and has served diverse communities in northwest toronto for 40 years

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