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  • Google Maps API

    Recently, Google changed the way it allows you to embed a Google Map. Now it requires that you set up an API key. At first it looks like you need to add a payment option when using Google Maps, but … Continue reading →

  • Simply Static

    The Simply Static plugin generates a static version of your website. It combs through your database and creates html versions of every post and page and creates a zip file that you can either use to archive your site or … Continue reading →

  • Background on Web Accessibility Guidelines

    The Rehabilitation Act was amended in 1998 by the U.S. Congress to require electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Section 508 of the Act sought to eliminate barriers in information technology and give new opportunities to people … Continue reading →

  • Four Principles for Accessibility 

    WCAG’s four principles for accessibility found in WCAG’s Quick Reference Guide. They are grouped under Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust. Read below for a quick overview of  the guidelines: Perceivable This principle ensures there are alternative ways of accessing content. … Continue reading →

  • Audio Projects on the Commons

    Users  can develop audio and oral history projects on the Commons. As part of creating an audio-based projects, users will need to figure out where to host project audio files, and how the audio will be embedded and displayed on … Continue reading →

  • Creating Transcriptions With the Hyperaudio Plugin

    Introduction The Hyperaudio Plugin can create transcriptions (or subtitles) from audio files and video files. It allows the viewer to skip to various parts of the text and immediately listen to the place where the cursor points. If your audio … Continue reading →

  • WPDiscuz

    The WPDiscuz plugin super-charges the way comments work on your WordPress site,. It enhances your users’ discussion experience and keeps them engaged by offering multiple ways to embed images, videos, social icons, and text. There are three colorful layouts to … Continue reading →

  • Easy Appointments

    The Easy Appointments plugin provides a way to embed forms and calendars within a WordPress site. The plugin uses three preset fields: Location, Service, and Worker. The labels for these can be easily changed. For example, Location could be changed … Continue reading →

  • Simple Scroll to Top

    If you have posts or pages that are long, you might want to offer your readers a way to go up to the top of the article. Yes, if you know HTML, this can be done with an anchor tag. … Continue reading →

  • Default Featured Image

    Each WordPress post or page has exactly one “Featured Image.” Depending on the template used by your theme, this image may appear at the top of your post, on the side, or not at all. On a page that aggregates … Continue reading →