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  • Shortcodes Ultimate

      Shortcodes Ultimate is a Swiss Army knife type of plugin. It can do many things – it “is a comprehensive collection of various visual and functional elements, which you can use in the post editor, text widgets or even … Continue reading →

  • Plugin Documentation

    Plugin Documentation

  • EmbedPress

    The EmbedPress plugin claims to be able to embed content from over 100 sources, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and a host of others. It will embed PPTsm PDFs, Docx, and many other types of files. Once you’ve activated the … Continue reading →

  • Site Directory

    There are almost 8,000 sites on the Commons and the Sites Directory lets members filter the list by Keyword, Campus, Purpose, and Tags. Filters narrow search results – they have an implicit “and” condition. However, both the Campus and Purpose … Continue reading →

  • Query Loop Block

    The Query Loop block lets you choose a post type (page, post, or a custom post type), a filter (category, tag, author, keyword) and fetch that data in a loop. This closely resembles the familiar “Post” page (what used to … Continue reading →

  • Reusable Blocks

    If you have content that you expect to repeat in other parts your site, consider creating a reusable block. Start out by creating the block. Perhaps you might have an image and a paragraph. Once you’ve created this composited block … Continue reading →

  • Block Libraries

    Plugin authors are creating elegant, easy to use blocks that will make your site look amazing. When you activate a plugin, you may see one or more new blocks added to your list On the Commons, we now have two … Continue reading →

  • Block Patterns

    Get a head start on your page design. Copy a pattern and paste it into your content wherever you want it to appear. Then customize it – change the text, images, colors, etc. Continue reading →

  • Block Editor’s “List View”

    “List View” displays how the blocks work together on a page, and provides access to each block’s settings. “List View” can be accessed by clicking the icon pictured above, which is always available in the Block Editor toolbar. Continue reading →

  • Full Site Editing

    Full Site Editing (“FSE”) lets users design every part of a WordPress post or page, with modular blocks.  No coding is needed, but users do need to understand how FSE works. A good understanding how templates are used in WordPress. Continue reading →