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Category: Site Plugins

  • Widget Context

    The Widget Context WordPress plugin provides extra control over sidebar widgets. It is really useful for selectively displaying certain widgets in the sidebar on only specific pages. This is helpful for drawing the focus to content on your content pages and filling the sidebar with social media on the blog page. Though it works well…

  • Subscription Options

      The Subscription Options plug-in is available to all Commons members from the dashboard of their blogs (just click on “Plugins” in the left-hand menu and search for “subscription options”). The plugin will help you create icons like this, which … Continue reading →


    Using the WordPress plug-in “WIKI INC” you can include wiki content in your blog post or page. After installing, on your post or page edit screen, scroll down to the Wiki Inc section and fill in the wiki site (must be MediaWiki sites like Wikipedia) and the name of the wiki page Continue reading →