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Category: Site Plugins

  • Leaflet Maps Marker

    The Leaftlet Maps Marker is a really neat plugin that lets you easily pin, annotate, organize, and share locations using maps from Google,  Bing, and OpenStreetMap.   Using integrated address searches, you can easily locate sites, pin them with hundreds of … Continue reading →

  • Constant Contact

    The Constant Contact for WordPress plugin is an app that integrates with your Constant Contact account. Constant Contact is a proprietary service which provides email marketing, online event management, social campaign management, online polls and survey functionality.You can get a free … Continue reading →

  • WordPress Google Fonts

    The WP Google Fonts plugin is a great way to add different fonts to your site. Many premium themes provide built in font functionality, making this plugin unnecessary.  But for many standard themes, you’ll need a plugin like this one … Continue reading →

  • Pinterest Pinboard Widget

    Pinterest Pinboard Widget provides an easy way to integrate Pinterest content into your WordPress site.  Easy to use and to configure, the widget displays content from your Pinterest account, someone elses account, or from the generic “pinterest” account.  Clicking on … Continue reading →

  • Regenerate Thumbnails

    The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin comes in handy if you want to easily re-size an image’s thumbnail or a set of images’ thumbnails. Simply go to Settings>>Media and change the default size for your thumbnails. Then you have three ways to … Continue reading →

  • Super RSS Reader

    Super RSS Reader is a widget that can easily be placed in your sidebar to display up to five different feeds in a single area. Each feed appears as a tab, and you can easily control how many items are … Continue reading →

  • Statistics For Your Site

    It’s great to quantify your readership, and there are a couple plugins on the Commons (JetPack and Monster Insights) that provide interesting statistics on your Dashboard. The Commons also supports Google Analytics, which is perhaps the most powerful metrics tracker. … Continue reading →

  • Events Manager Plugin

    If you have a WordPress site on the Commons and frequently announce or organize events, check out the Events Manager plugin. It is a neat way to manage and display upcoming lectures, seminars, conferences, meetings, etc. Each event is nicely … Continue reading →

  • Anthologize

    Grab, Craft, and Publish Anthologize is a powerful tool that lets you “grab” blog posts from your site or from an RSS feed, “craft” your content into a single document, with a title page, table of contents, and chapters, and … Continue reading →

  • Google Doc Shortcode

    If you are a Google Docs user, you may want to check out the plugin that Ray Hoh  developed for the Commons.  Google Docs Embed lets you embed your Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms directly into WordPress posts and … Continue reading →