It’s great to quantify your readership, and there are a couple plugins on the Commons that provide interesting statistics, and there is also Google Analytics (see below), which is perhaps the best at gathering what’s happening on your site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is installed on the Commons site-wide, and provides a wide variety of statistics for individual sites.

In the past we set up Google Analytics “views” so that members receive activity emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. We will continue to support those setups, but going forward, we provide individual analytics management. Site admins can set up Google Analytics on their own Google accounts and register the ten digit property code on their Commons sites. Please see instructions.

Google Analytics has extensive ways to measure activity and can break it down many ways, including Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Average Time per Visit, Bounce Percentage, and Exit Percentage. Many kinds of custom reports are possible.

Since we have Google Analytics running site-wide, we don’t provide widgets to display individual site stats – you’ll need to receive data via email.


One of the plugins that’s included in JetPack is called “Stats” and it presents readership data in various graphs, in your dashboard, as shown below:

The Admin bar has a simple graph showing activity, and when clicked, takes you to full details.

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