cc-licensed image "Needs beget New URLs, Old URLs need redirecting" by flickr user psd

cc-licensed image “Needs beget New URLs, Old URLs need redirecting” by flickr user psd

Is Domain Mapping Right for You?

Do you or your organization have a specific domain you want to use, but would still like to host your WordPress site on the Commons?

Mapping your domain to a site on the Commons makes it accessible via both your domain url and your Common’s site URL.

What is domain mapping?

Domain mapping is a way for you to use a domain name that you’ve purchased (usually around $15.00 per year) and point it to the host where your content resides (i.e. the Commons).  So your site on the Commons can be accessed via the standard Commons URL (yoursite.commons.gc.cuny.edu) – but it will switch to URL you have purchased.  People can access your site via either URL, but the URL always resolves to the URL that you have purchased.  On the Commons, hosting is free, so if you pick this route (and it is totally optional) you will only be paying for the domain you purchased. There are no other hosting charges.

A Couple Examples

Please note that the Domain Mapping discussed on this page does not relate to URL shorteners, or “Quick Links”.   If you want to create a  quick link to your site (i.e. “cuny.is/mysite”), please refer to this page

Nor does it relate to URL redirects, which are also an option.

Getting Started

It’s a two step process:

  1. Contact the Commons.  We’ll need to know what you’re planning and register the mapped domain on the Commons, so that WordPress knows to expect it.  Please use the form below to get the process rolling.  We’ll get back to you to coordinate.
  2. Contact your Domain Registrar.  Specific instructions for changing DNS settings vary widely.  Basically you’ll need to point your domain name to your Commons WordPress site URL. When mapping a domain name, point your base domain’s CNAME record to commons.gc.cuny.edu ( Your CNAME record should be named “@”. You should have only one CNAME record. No change should be made to A records.

Contact us at support@cunycommons.zendesk.com to initiate a domain mapping request. Please provide your Commons site URL, the URL of domain that you own, and your go-live date. Thanks.