Block Editing

WordPress users on the Commons have probably come across Gutenberg, the WordPress Block Editor. This article in Commons News describes what Gutenberg is, and how, on the Commons, you can swap back and forth from using it and using the Classic Editor.

Block editing can be daunting, especially if you’re used to the Classic Editor. We hope you don’t simply shut it off – you’ll be missing a lot of exciting features!

Commons members have used page builders to create complex and aesthetically pleasing content. Elementor, Make Builder, and WPBakery Page Builder, among others, do a great job laying out responsively designed pages and posts, and they are not going away soon.

But block editing is the way of the future in WordPress, and plugin authors are creating elegant, easy to use blocks that will make your site look amazing. On the Commons, we now have two plugins – Atomic Blocks and Kadence Blocks – that provide libraries of custom blocks. When you activate the plugins and click to add a block, scroll down to see a separate section for each of these plugins that lists available blocks. (The Atomic Blocks theme also is available and works well with both libraries. Let us know if you want to make it available on your site.)

Available Blocks

  • Section & Layout Block – demo
  • Advanced Columns Block – demo
  • Newsletter Block – Demo
  • Pricing Block – Demo
  • Post Grid Block – Demo
  • Container Block – Demo
  • Testimonial Block – Demo
  • Inline Notice Block – Demo
  • Accordion Block – Demo
  • Share Icons Block – Demo
  • Call-To-Action Block – Demo
  • Customizable Button Block – Demo
  • Spacer & Divider Block – Demo
  • Author Profile Block – Demo
  • Drop Cap Block – Demo