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  • Grading & Assessment

    The Commons aims to support various grading methods and therefore does not offer a native grade book. However, the Commons does offer several tools for formative assessment to provide private feedback and low-stakes “grades” to students. Data about student work … Continue reading →

  • Monster Insights (for Google Analytics)

    The Commons has the “Lite” version of the Monster Insights plugin. While it does not provide all the bells and whistles of the “Pro” version, it does a decent job of providing the metrics that you need, right on your … Continue reading →

  • JetPack

    The Jetpack plugin is actually a bundle of plugins that have been developed for Please don’t be fooled! All the plugins are free to use. Many times along the installation process, you will be encouraged to pick a premium … Continue reading →

  • Subscriptions via Jetpack

    If your site is not attached to a group and you want to notify members of new posts and comments, you can install the JetPack plugin. After activating JetPack, go to Settings>>Discussion.. Once you enable Subscriptions, all members of your … Continue reading →

  • Hypothesis

    Started in 2011, is a non-profit, open source project whose goal is to create a “conversation layer over the entire web.” It is designed to work everywhere, without the implementation of any software. Using sentence-level annotation, anyone with an … Continue reading →

  • PressForward


    “As the pace and volume of scholarly communication increases, teachers and researchers are confronted with the need to find and share relevant, current content with their students and colleagues. PressForward, developed by the Roy Rozensweig Center for History and New … Continue reading →

  • The Commons Plugin Director

    WordPress plugins extend the functionality of your site. They are add-on bits of code that let you do neat things. Follow this link for general information about plugins, and see Tweaking Your Site for a listing of popular WordPress plugins … Continue reading →

  • FancyBox Plugin for WordPress

    Fancybox is an easy to use plug-in that gracefully enlarges images in your posts and pages when a reader clicks on them. When you upload an image to your blog using the “Media>>Add New” tab in the dashboard, WordPress automatically … Continue reading →

  • Q & A

    The Q & A WordPress plugin lets you easily add a configurable question & answer dialog on your site. First you create individual “FAQ” custom posts, where the post title is the question, and the post content body is the … Continue reading →

  • Social Stickers

    Interested in showcasing your social media networks on your site? We recommend using “Social Stickers,” a simple plugin that allows you to show which social networks you use. There are over 50 social networks to choose from, including: Twitter, Facebook, … Continue reading →