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Category: Site Plugins

  • Meta Slider Plugin

    Meta Slider plugin is simple to use and lets you choose between four different “types” of sliders – Flex, Nivo, Coin, and Responsive. Each type is responsive, and gracefully changes sizes for different types of devices, and offers various features … Continue reading →

  • Yoast WordPress SEO

    Yoast WordPress SEO is a powerful plugin that helps improve the chances that your site’s content will be discovered by search engines. The plugin “goes the extra mile” to make your WordPress content more accessible. It automatically adds OpenGraph meta … Continue reading →

  • ChartBoot

    The ChartBoot for WordPress plugin makes it easy to add a wide variety of charts to your site’s pages and posts.  The available styles depend upon the kind of data you paste into the initial text box.  You can create … Continue reading →

  • Google Calendar Events

    The Google Calendar Events plugin lets you embed one or more Google calendars into your WordPress site, displaying events in a calendar grid, or as a list.   The plugin uses feeds to aggregate events from various sources. Getting Started … Continue reading →

  • List Pages Shortcode

    The List Pages Shortcode plugin comes in handy if your site has a lot of pages and you want a quick way to make them accessible.  As its name suggests, it provides an easy-to-use shortcode with a bunch of optional … Continue reading →

  • Column Shortcodes

    Column Shortcodes is a plugin that lets you divide your post or page content into columns wherever you want, using easy to use shortcodes.  You can swap in and out of various column layouts (there are eleven to choose from). … Continue reading →

  • Page Links Plus: Single Page

    The Page Links Plus: Single Page plugin provides a powerful way to manage pagination on your site.  After installing the plugin, you will see settings that allow you to avoid breaking pages  in the middle of sentences.  You’ll have the … Continue reading →

  • Next Page Buttons Plugin

    The NextPage Buttons plugin lets you break up your post or page content into pages. This is functionality that was once in WordPress core, but was removed. So use this plugin with the knowledge that it might not work forever. … Continue reading →

  • EasyRotator for WordPress

    The Easy Rotator for WordPress plugin provides an easy way to add a custom slider to a page or post, or to a widget area.  You can add as many distinct sliders as you want to your site, and use many … Continue reading →

  • Page Excerpt

    The Page Excerpt plugin gives pages the same excerpt functionality as posts.  Excerpts are “optional, handcrafted summaries” that can tease your readers into exploring your content further.  After installing this plugin, a new text box will be added to your … Continue reading →