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  • Teaching Classes

    The Commons is widely used to create an online space for hosting courses that encourage discussion, collaboration, and use of open and digital tools and resources to enhance the course. Courses on the Commons are hosted via a group, a … Continue reading →

  • Publications

    The Commons is increasingly becoming a publication platform for academic journals. The Commons team works closely with the publishers to find suitable WordPress themes and plugins, coordinate domain mapping, and troubleshoot issues. Our open access publishing platform comes with a … Continue reading →

  • Personal Sites or “Blogs”

    Members can have as many WordPress “sites” on the Commons as they want. We have over 1,300 sites on the Commons, many are dedicated to academic group collaboration or professional partnerships. These fall under different use cases. This page deals … Continue reading →

  • “My Commons” – Your Personal Homepage

    My Commons provides an easy way to stay current with the network of friends, groups, and sites you develop on the Commons.  It constantly aggregates information that is relevant to you – what your friends are doing, what’s going on … Continue reading →