Teaching Classes

The Commons is widely used to create an online space for hosting courses that encourage discussion, collaboration, and use of open and digital tools and resources to enhance the course.

Courses on the Commons are hosted via a group, a site, or a connected group-site. Read more below and/or check out our extensive Teaching and Learning on Commons Section here.

WordPress Sites

A WordPress site can be linked to the class group and be used to publish reflections, research, and findings. Private group sites can be used to publish syllabi, writing assignments, and course reflections. Public group blogs can be great to communicate outside the classroom, showcase research, and publish articles. Students can also create their own WordPress sites to work on projects, and posts from these sites can be syndicated onto the main group site by using a plugin.

Groups for Classes

Groups work great with classes, and professors typically take advantage of forums, announcements, files, docs, reply by email, email notifications, and privacy settings. Class members can work collaboratively on projects using Docs feature. If working in a sub-group, members can form smaller groups to facilitate private collaboration.