Commons Newbie? 10 Things to Do

Ready, Set, Go!
  • Join some groups or start a group of your own. Collaborate via forums and file sharing. Participate from the comfort of your inbox using our robust reply-by-email feature.
  • Check out some sites or start one of your own to share interests and passions, facilitate departmental administration, advertise events, or publish research findings.
  • Browse the Commons Twitter page and filter tweets about CUNY six different ways.
  • Adjust Your Privacy to control your information’s visibility and the ways you get site notifications.
  • Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter to stay current with new posts, projects, and threads.
  • Get Help from a variety of resources or contact us by clicking the Help tab in the top upper right hand corner.  We welcome ideas on how to make the Commons better and your ideas contribute to our development priorities.
Thank you for joining the CUNY Academic Commons. If you need further assistance, email us at