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Category: Group Member Help

  • Reply to Forum Posts Using “Quote”

    The Commons displays Forum Posts in chronological order, with the most recent post at the bottom. Most often when you reply to a post, it is right above yours or perhaps only one or two before that. There are times, … Continue reading →

  • Social Media Icons

    Linking social media profiles to groups Social and you know it? If you’re an admin, you can link your group to your non-Commons social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Flickr, YouTube and Delicious! You’ll find these option in … Continue reading →

  • Reply by Email

      You don’t need to “log on” to the Commons to respond to group email notifications.  Participate in group discussions by simply clicking Reply in your email client.  Our plugin Reply By Email takes care of the rest! Respond to … Continue reading →

  • Events Calendar

    The Commons Events Calendar supports individual, group, and global calendars. Designed to publicize events created by the friends you’ve developed on the Commons or to the groups you belong to (and which you choose to notify), Events Calendar provides a … Continue reading →

  • You Just Joined a Group on the Commons – Now What?

    There are hundreds of groups on the Commons, and you’ll probably want to join a bunch. For public groups, when you click the join button, membership is immediate. For private groups, you’ll need to ask to join, and the admins … Continue reading →

  • Group Site Email Notifications

    The Commons’ powerful email notification system lets members of a group know when other members post content. Used in conjunction with a group blog, it lets you set up a nice place to share content and get feedback. Since the … Continue reading →

  • How To Add A Site To Your Group

    The following instructions pertain to an existing group. You can create a Connected Group + Site in one action. See How To Create A Connection Group + Site. A group admin can connect one site (aka, a “website”) to a … Continue reading →