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  • Super RSS Reader

    Super RSS Reader is a widget that can easily be placed in your sidebar to display up to five different feeds in a single area. Each feed appears as a tab, and you can easily control how many items are … Continue reading →

  • Anthologize

    Grab, Craft, and Publish Anthologize is a powerful tool that lets you “grab” blog posts from your site or from an RSS feed, “craft” your content into a single document, with a title page, table of contents, and chapters, and … Continue reading →

  • Tips and Tweaks

      Tips and Tweaks for WordPress Sites Okay, you’ve created your site, and things are looking good. People are giving you the nod, but you’re wondering – did I get it all right? Did I miss some opportunities to connect … Continue reading →

  • Subscription Options

      The Subscription Options plug-in is available to all Commons members from the dashboard of their blogs (just click on “Plugins” in the left-hand menu and search for “subscription options”). The plugin will help you create icons like this, which … Continue reading →