Creative Commons Licensing


Creative Commons allows creators to openly license digital artifacts to be shared online. Various license options allow you to retain some rights while also allowing others to use and remix your work.


“Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a globally-accessible public commons of knowledge and culture. We make it easier for people to share their creative and academic work, as well as to access and build upon the work of others.”


License explanations are here and a short guide to terminology below:

  • Attribution (BY): Anyone who shares/uses/remixes your work must give you credit. This is an aspect of every license.
  • Share Alike (SA): Anyone who shares/uses/remixes your work must share the work under the same open license.
  • No Derivs (ND): Anyone who shares/uses your work cannot change your work (no remixing)
  • Non-Commercial (NC): Anyone who shares/uses/remixes your work cannot use or make a version for profit.

There are several license types. At the bottom of the linked page, click “Use this license” for license images you can put on your digital artifacts.


  • CC-O is a completely open/public license. See link for when/why you might use