How To Manage A Group

Once you have created a group, you and whoever is also delegated to be an admin will see the “Manage” option in your group’s sidebar, circled below.


All the settings for your group can be adjusted here.

Details: Most of this information was what you entered initially on group creation. You can change it all here. There are three additional settings:

  • New Topic Email Address – You can start a new forum topic via email without being logged in. See more about Reply by Email.
  • Quick Links – CUNY.IS quick links make it easy for members to access your group. See more about Quick Links.
  • Notify group members of changes via email – if you make changes to the group infrastructure, do you want to notify your members?

Settings: These are the same options you set initially. These can be changed any time.

Photo: You can add a group avatar here or change it.

Members: Here you will see a list of your members. You can change their permissions or remove their membership. Click here for more information about group permission levels. Swamped? Delegate… Add additional admins to your group. Or add some group moderators. Admins will have the same permissions as you. Group moderators will be able to do a subset of the things you are allowed to do, including the ability to send announcements to the rest of the group.

Files: Members can upload and download files from your group. Here you can add file categories that provide convenient storage schemas. Think of them as your group file directories. Find out more about Files.

Group Site: If you have a site connected to your group, you can “uncouple” it, change its site privacy settings, or change member settings. If you don’t have a group site, you can add one here or couple it with an existing Commons site. Find out more about Group Sites.


Digital Research Tools: Digital Research Tools (DiRT) is a robust directory containing an ever-growing list of research tools, searchable by category or keyword. You can enable or disable this option here. Find out more about DiRT.

Forum: Here you decide whether or not your group should have a discussion forum. The default is yes. Find out more about Discussion Forums.

Social Media Accounts: Does your group have social media accounts? If so, you can add them here. Icons will appear on your group home page.

External Sites: Enter RSS feed URL’s for sites you would like to attach to this group. Any future posts on these sites will show on the group activity stream.

Delete: Here you can delete your group.