Group Features

Groups offer the following functionality:

  • Group Discussion Forums – where members can start new topics, or participate in discussion threads
  • Group Library – a repository for uploaded files, editable Docs, forum attachments, and external links
  • Reply By Mail – participate in your group from the comfort of your email client – no need to login to the Commons
  • CUNY.IS/ short links – make the url of your group easy to remember – for example –
  • Group Sites – attach a Commons WordPress site to extend your group functionality and provide a way to publicize group work, either privately or publicly.
  • Events Calendar – create a calendar for your group with upcoming events or a calendar for your class with assignments and due dates
  • Social Media Icons – add your group’s social media icons (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.) to your group’s home page
  • Cross-Posting to Other Groups -if you belong to multiple groups and have access to post topics to them, select the groups for cross-posting
  • Email Notifications – as a group member, you decide what you want to be notified about (new members, new topics, reply to topics, file uploads, doc changes, etc)  and when (immediately, or as a daily or weekly digest)