Group Directory

There are almost 2,000 groups on the Commons and the Groups Directory surfaces Commons groups by keyword, campus, purpose, and tags.

Filters narrow search results – they have an implicit “and” condition. However, both the Campus and Purpose filters allow you to pick more than one option. So within these filters there is an “or” condition.  So if you check “BMCC” and “Baruch” in the Campus filter and “Class Project” and “Committee” in the Purpose filter you will display all groups from BMCC OR Baruch AND with a class project OR committee purpose.

Search results can be sorted by last active, newest, and alphabetical.

If no filters are entered, you will see four “Featured” groups, followed by the last active groups on the Commons. Once a filter is applied, the “Featured Groups” section will not display.

To remove all filters, simply click on the “Reset” button.

If you are logged into the Commons, you can also:

  • filter search results by “My Groups” or the groups you follow
  • join a public group
  • ask to join a private group
  • use the convenient “Create a Group” hyperlink to create a group

Group metadata can be set up at group creation, or group admins can edit it by going to the group home page and selecting the “Manage” option.