Group Metadata

In June, 2019, the Commons began to collect basic metadata for sites and groups to better understand how members are using the Commons and what their needs might be.

We will not share data entered here in aggregate with any third-parties. It will be used to inform our development process and to better surface Commons activity by community, discipline, and purpose. As part of that process, certain data entered to describe sites and groups may be publicly visible on the Commons.

Here are the fields we’d like to know about:

  • Is it for a certain campus or campuses?
  • What is the primary purpose? Choices are: Teaching, Committee, Conference, Department/Program/Center, Personal, Publication, Project, Portfolio, Working Group, Community of Interest, or Other
  • If it is for teaching, the Commons will add it to the “Courses” tab. We’d like to know:
    • What Disciplinary Cluster does in fall under? Choices are: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM, Professional, Other, Not Applicable
    • What Semester? (spring, fall, winter, summer)
    • What Year?
    • Does it use Open Educational Resources?

If your group was created before June, 2019 or if you want to update the metadata about your group, go to Manage on your dashboard.

Scroll down to the Campus and Primary Purpose and click on the text box to see drop down options. You can choose multiple campuses, but just one primary purpose.


If you choose “Teaching“, you will see the following additional fields concerning your course:


Click in the text box to reveal your choices. And remember to Save Changes.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.