Themes control the look and feel of your WordPress blog. They can be switched by clicking on “Appearance” tab on your admin dashboard. Thousands of themes have been developed for WordPress, and the Commons provides a couple hundred to choose from. Some are elastic and stretch across the entire width of your screen. Others are fixed width. Others are responsive – they respond to the kind of device being used.  Some have just one column, while others provide two or three columns to use for RSS Feeds, Blog rolls, and navigation. Themes are also categorized by color. offers five different filters to use to search through all their available themes.

With such a variety, how can you choose the right theme for your blog? One way is to simply page through the selections and preview ones that look good. When you are shopping around for themes, there is a preview button available which simulates what you’ll get. If you like it, simply click to activate. Another option is to look at the blogs on the Commons. If you find one that you really like, scroll down to the bottom and find its name. Them go back to the Appearance tab and look for that name.

Customization and Personalization

Don’t want your blog to look like someone else’s? Some themes offer additional configuration options on the dashboard, including ways to change pictures, logos, and fonts. Each theme offers at least one way to customize it by manually overriding its CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This “Custom CSS” option is not for everyone, and requires some knowledge of the way CSS is used to “style” HTML. But if you find a theme that you really like, but don’t like the background color or the font, you can use this method to modify it to your liking.

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